Add URL To Google, Yahoo, MSN And Submit More Search Engines For Free.

It is very important for you to submit individually to the sites below. Most important is the submission to Google, Yahoo! and MSN.COM. Many of these other smaller sites will be tomorrow's leaders, so don't neglect all the other engines listed on the page. Be sure that your website is constructed well, with good meta tags, keyword density and relevant content. It's well worth all the effort! Here is a bit of advice on adding urls;

1. Don't continually add the same url over and over to the same search engine.
2. Do not submit different versions of the same url, and always use free ads on classified sites to advertise your url.
3. Use creative and unique content in the ads, and never spam!

I recommend that you go through this entire list and add URLs:

1. Google
2. Yahoo
3. MSN
4. USFreeAds
5. SOOTLE.COM (new)
6. Big Clique
7. SubmitOne
8. OPN
10. Scrubtheweb
11. Jayde
12. Altavista
13. Walhello
14. Qango
15. WhatUSeek
16. Azoos
17. LinksTraffic
18. AdvertiseReport
19. Tower Search
20. DinoSearch
21. HotLaunch
22. SearchRamp
23. Search Monster
24. InfoSCom pace
25. Searchit
26. Search The Web
27. Free Ad Center
28. ExactSeek
29. Search King
30. Shoula
31. WebMarket
32. The-Search-Site
33. SearchWarp
34. Splat Search
35. MixCat
36. WebSquash
37. BestYellow
39. Beamed
40. Unasked
41. SightQuest
42. SearchAve
43. Evisum
44. SunStream
45. Tygo
46. Try America
47. Adlandpro