LeapFrog Enterprises: LeapPad is a Tablet for Kids

Competing with Apple iPad products, LeapFrog Enterprises has created a special product for kids to learn the tablet called LeapPad.

Device combines all the needs of children. Targeted to children aged at least 4 years and this tablet will have 100 LeapPad learning games and applications such as on-board camera and video recorder.

LeapPad combines technology, increased education curriculum, and entertainment that kids can like tablets. The design of this tablet looks like a tablet for adults, but is designed for small hands.

LeapPad tablet has 2GB memory and a touchscreen display that can be touched using a stylus or a finger. Equipped with cameras, microphones, motion sensors and a 5-inch screen with a resolution of 480 x 272 pixels.

Tablet LeapPad comes wrapped in green and pink, and ready to enter the market starting in mid August 2011.